Dr Alex Helps Mak Cik Roastmah Reverse Her Prediabetes

Many people don’t go for regular health check-ups due to FOFO – fear of finding out. Some even believe in urban legends that are totally bogus and are not medically proven to help manage prediabetes.

On World Diabetes Day 2022, Mak Cik Roastmah’s prediabetes diagnosis broke her heart. Luckily, Dr Alex brings good news of a second chance!?

Don’t Wait To Take The Prediabetes Risk Test

Love to eat? Not one to exercise? Like Ah Boy, we need to make the right lifestyle change to reverse prediabetes by taking a simple risk test.

It Is Your Life, It is Your Health, It Is In Your Hands

Prof Menaka was surprised to find that she had prediabetes because she was always careful with her diet. This is how she got her blood sugar under control with the help of Prof Dr Jeyakantha.


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